Become a home chef

Our customers absolutely love our home chefs' delicacies and excitedly recommend them to others. 

If you cook really well, and are known among your friends and families for your delicious preparations, you can now serve customers and earn an income from the comfort of your kitchen!


The Process


Partnering as a Curryful home chef doesn't require full time commitment or making large quantities of food. The home chefs tell us the dishes they’d like to sell, along with their day and time availability. 

The dishes are first sampled by our team, which is followed by  kitchen hygiene check, chef's FSSAI registration and chef training of our order management process. 

Once the order is placed by the customer, Curryful informs the chef and arranges for the pick up and delivery of the meal.

The chefs decide the price at which they'd like to sell the meal. Curryful transfers the payment (chef price x portions sold) to the chef once a week.

If this is of interest to you or someone you know, send us your details on the application form below:

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